Friday, November 19, 2010


I am travelling again. Have spent the last week in France - Paris and Lyon - and am now in Geneva. I will leave Geneva in a couple of hours for Besancon, then Aix-en-Provence and Banon, then back to Paris, then home. Next weekend I am in Istanbul for the European Writers' Parliament, and then I have a brief trip to Courmayeur in Italy for the Noir Festival in mid-December. That will be the last trip of the year! It has been crazy. Five French trips, also Holland, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Australia, New Zealand, two tours to Canada - one to Montreal, the seocnd to Toronto. I think I have done in excess of one hundred and fifty thousand miles!

So you have to excuse my laxity in posting a new and substantial blog. I will do this, but when I am home again. I am keeping up with everyone on the e-mails and facebook, and though I am not posting a lot on twitter, I am answering the messages I receive. It's always great to hear from you, so keep on writing!

'Saints of New York' has done well, at least from the reviews and reports I have received from readers. I don't know that my books will ever light up the top of the bestseller lists, but we keep on trying. I think the top of the bestseller lists will be forever crowded with celebrity memoirs, cookery books, and the usual formulaic stuff. I don't say this critically, of course, but sometimes it is a little frustrating to see one book after another released that seems to be an awful lot like the last one! In France they have a wonderful expression for such books - 'written with the feet'!

Anyway, I shall drag my bitter and exhausted carcass back across the border into France, and we shall speak again soon! I hope all is well with you.

Best wishes, always,


Adam Bird said...

Hi Roger,

Is there a goal with each release that is set by yourself or your publisher? To sell more than you did last time.

How much is it your publishers responsibility to market your book and get it "out there"? You've done the hard work writing another book worthy of it's place on peoples shelves, it's getting it on them that's the hardest part.

Sorry for all the questions, am wondering if there is anything your readers can do for you to help spread the word!


C. N. Nevets said...

Written with the feet... Brilliant. The things I am learning from you about about the French perspective on literature dramatically later my impression of their overall culture, for the better.

It's hard to overcome that author loyalty that drives people to buy the name Grisham or Patterson or whatever simply because they have this feeling that they can trust the quality. So that's where the dollars go first, and trying new things is always second.

Too bad, because they're missing a deeper experience, both more inspiring and more enjoyable.

Paul D. Brazill said...

I knew it! Witness. Relocation. Programme!

R J Ellory said...

Adam...well, that is the plan. To try and keep the readers we have, and achieve a wider readership as we progress. Ultimately, it is the publisher's responsibility to market the book, but I am of a mind to do as much self-promotion as I can, hence the number of public events and tours I do. And as far as helping is concerned, you already are! The most successful means of getting anything known about is word-of-mouth, and you're doing that. That, and promotion through internet contacts, facebook etc.

R J Ellory said...
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R J Ellory said...

Nevets...the French have a great attitude towards literature in general. They really do. They afford books and writers more respect and wider acknowledgement than anywhere else in the world.

R J Ellory said...

Nevets...and as far as my books are concerned, I have sold more books in France than anywhere else in the world, UK included, and I am right now on my fifth French tour this year alone.

R J Ellory said...

Paul...And. I. Don't. Understand. What. You. Mean!