Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Mardi 16 - 19h
Librairie Longtemps
22, avenue Mathurin Moreau
75019 Paris
01 40 03 63 38

Mercredi 17 - 19h
Librairie Passages
11, rue de Brest
69002 Lyon
04 72 56 34 84

Jeudi 18 - 18h30-20h
Librairie Payot Chantepoulet
Rue Chantepoulet 5
1201 Genève
00 41 22 731 89 50

Vendredi 19 - 18h
Librairie Les Sandales d'Empedocle
95, Grande rue
25000 Besançon
03 81 82 00 88

Samedi 20 - 16h
Librairie de Provence
31,cours Mirabeau
13100 Aix en Provence
04 42 26 07 23

Dimanche 21 - 14h
Librairie Le Bleuet
Place Saint Just
04150 Banon
04 92 73 25 85


Michael Malone said...

Bonne chance avec votre visite, Roger. J'espère que vous faites des sorts des amis et des charges de vente des livres.

R J Ellory said...

Yeah whatever Mike, so you can speak French... Very impressive. But, regardless of how irritating that is, thank you for your good wishes!

Michael Malone said...

Moi? Irritating? This is me giving a gallic shrug and admitting I used the translation services of a website. For all I know it says you should go and do yourself with a large vegetable.

R J Ellory said...

Well, you can go do yourself with a large bleedin' vegetable, sunshine! The sheer Gallic nerve of it! What is the world coming to?

Rémy said...

I just finished "A quiet Belief in Angels" (in French) and was stunned by the book. The atmosphere bears a mixture of nostalgia and thrill halfway betwwen Durrell's 'Bitter Lemons of Cyprus'and Connelly's 'Black Echo'...
Thank you for such a captivating novel.
I hope there will be another French tour soon....
best regards,
Remy CROELLA - Lyon