Friday, November 30, 2007


Today, though I failed to post it on the 'Signings & Appearances' section of the website, I was fortunate to once again get an invitation out to Sandwell Central Library, courtesy of Paul Voyce. A great event with the Readers' Group, and - as always - a heady blend of fiction, ideas, politics, raising children, the state of the society, and all else that we invariably get into at such open discussions! I'm there again on the evening of the 4th of December where I'll be doing an event with Caroline Graham, author of the Midsomer Murders.
Current projects are well under control. Second draft of the CIA opus has been completed, and I am a matter of days away from completing the first draft of Book #7, again untitled! I have been working hard to get it done before Christmas as I feel that, if nothing else, I have earned a couple of days to devote to merriment and celebrations. I am a huge Christmas fan, and am looking forward to it immensely.
Well, I have to fly now...sorry to be so terse, but duty calls in the shape of many, many e-mails to answer from the website. It's good to be in touch with you -- please keep the missives and questions and everything else coming.
Take care, and best wishes as always,

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