Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last day here. Will miss it. New York has become home from home in a way. From the first moment I arrived last July it felt like somewhere I'd been before, somewhere I'd known.
Last night we did a great event at the Mercantile Center for Fiction in the Diamond District, Midtown. Myself, Peter Quinn and Laura Joh Rowland. The Mercantile Center was established back around 1820 by merchants and clerks in the area, long before the advent of public libraries. It quickly became one of the foremost cultural centres in the US, and people such as Mark Twain, William Thackeray and Frederick Douglass have spoken there.
We each presented different books, and though I am on tour to promote A Quiet Belief In Angels, I actually did a reading from The Anniversary Man which is coming out in the States in June, 2010. The plan is to release the UK backlist (Candlemoth, Ghostheart, A Quiet Vendetta, City of Lies, A Simple Act of Violence) every nine months, while also maintaining the same publishing schedule as we have in England for each new book (Saints of New York, Bad Signs etc).
I think I'm going to be returning to New York a good number of times, and probably sooner than I expect! Well, what can I say? No complaints here.
So I have half a dozen radio interviews to do now, and then I am flying out of here at about 6.00pm US time. I arrive back in the UK about 10.00am on Thursday morning, and then I'm driving down to Surrey to do an event at Waterstones in Kingston-upon-Thames.
Hope to see some of you there!
Best wishes, as always,

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