Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The past few weeks have been crazy. I've done a huge number of events, and I just wanted to let you know that we've been working on getting all the pictures from Baltimore (Bouchercon 2008) uploaded to the gallery. A couple more days and we'll be done, so bear with us!
'The Anniversary Man' (release date June 25th, 2009) is done, and also 'The Darkest River' is complete (slated for release in 2010).
I'll blog more when I get a moment. Promise!
Speak soon, and best wishes.


Jan Bird said...

Great news Roger that we have have (at least!) two further novels to look forward to. "The Anniversary Man" is being published a day shy of my birthday in 2009, so next year's present is already sorted!
We have exchanged a few emails, but I wanted to say this on the blog too - all the very best meantime with "A Simple Act of Violence", the most enthralling novel I've read in years. It so deserves to do well. I'm taking up your recommendation in an earlier blog entry to read "In Cold Blood", and to watch "Capote" - something that's been on my "to see" list for a while! Cheers for now and hope you enjoy the rest of your tour, it was a pleasure to meet you in Bedford.

R J Ellory said...

Thank you very much for your extraordinarily kind wishes,and I am very, very pleased that you enjoyed ASAOV so much. I hope you like 'The Anniversary Man' (which - strange though it may seem - has somehow managed to keep the title I gave it!) Yes, I have another few events to do in Bedford this month, but if the reception I receive at Ampthill and Biggleswade etc is as warm and encouraging as the reception I received at Bedford Central, then I'll be more than happy!
Speak soon, and take care.
(E-mail me when you've seen 'Capote' and read ICB and let me know your thoughts, okay?)

Jan Bird said...

The title "The Anniversary Man" is intriguing me already!

Yes of course I'll email once I've read "In Cold Blood" and watched the films. I managed to find a copy of the book today so I'll probably be starting that later on!

R J Ellory said...

Excellent! I hope you enjoy it.
Speak soon,

one-eyed Jack said...

Roger - I hope sales of ASAOV are better than hoped for and that it raises your profile even higher. I have just broken into the Top 100 as an Amazon reviewer and as you know you are unique among those authors whose works I have reviewed in that all six of your novels have been given the maxed-out treatment: 5 stars every time. When I think of 2009 and the novels I am looking forward to reading - and I mean really impatient to read - your next story The Anniversary Man is on a (sadly) very short list of novels that I simply must, must buy. There are thousands of people out there who feel the same, only a tiny percentage bother to say so in public like this but let me assure you that I speak for the masses and the silent majority!

R J Ellory said...

The sales of ASAOV are appropriate for the promotion that the book has been given (i.e. none!). This is the nature of the beast I am afraid. Whatever promotion might be afforded ASAOV will appear when the paperback comes out in April. The game, in all honesty, is a game of patience and perseverance. I am indebted to you for your support, but you already know that, and all we can do at the moment is continue to work on word-of-mouth, and I will continue to make the books as good as I can. I am doing as many events as possible, and the BBC have planned a small feature for February 2009. Onward and upward my friend, that's the truth of it. A ridiculous business, but if we didn't love it then we wouldn't do it, right?
Speak soon.
Best, as always,