Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Some weeks ago I was asked to do something to help those who are researching and treating autism. Knowing very little about the subject, I looked into it after having agreed to do what I could.

Myself and a number of other authors - including such luminaries as Jodi Picoult and Louis de Bernieres - are auctioning character names for new books. It's really simple, and I have heard of it being done before. You hold an auction, and the winner of the auction has their name written into a novel by their chosen author. You can find out more about it through the link below:

So I'd like you to do whatever you can to assist in raising as much money as possible for this tremendously worthy and valuable cause.

Thank you, and my very best wishes as always.


m j bulmer said...

Hi this message is for all the Ellorites out there .... I am very supportive of this initiative Authors for Autism, which Roger has signed upto. I read a book entitled 'Ollie' by Stephen Venables a famous mountaineer a couple of years ago and 'Ollie' who had Autism was his son who actually died aged 12. This book is written from the fathers perspective which is unusual in itself (I have found this after reading many of this type of book having a disabled child myself). This is a very powerful book, heartbreaking, soul destroying etc etc but it portrays the strenght of the human spirit to survive despite the odds. So what is my point,this is a worthy cause, read the book - hey we all like reading, and if the truth be known this is where fiction becomes fact and upon which we can all act! And make a donation. And finally what are Roger's books all about ... us human beings, how we cope, keep going despite whatever situation we find ourselves in, hey reading Roger's books makes a bad day at work, well just like a bad hair day and I for one can cope with that! So hope thats not to heavy for you out there!! Best Wishes Mary

Autism Speaks said...

On behalf of Autism Speaks, I would like to thank Roger for being part of our character auction.

As well as raising vital funds towards robust biomedical research into what is causing autism, the auction is raising awareness about this confusing, isolating and often distressing condition.

Only when we discover the causes of autism, can we truly seek effective treatments and interventions that will improve the quality of life for all those affected.

Debbie said...

And a quick post from me the auction winner!

I am absolutely thrilled to have won. The money goes to a very worthy cause and I get my name in Rogers future book.

Terrific result all round (from my point of view anyway) and apologies to anyone else who may have been bidding and was outbid by me.

R J Ellory said...

And - as I said in my post - congratulations to Debbie!