Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RICHARD & JUDY 2008...

As I am all too well aware, the review for A Quiet Belief In Angels is on Channel 4 today. The program starts at 5.00, and the book review section ordinarily appears at about 5.30.
I am on tenterhooks.
I intend to post a significant report regarding my trip to Georgia, and in fact I was asked to take some pictures and keep a diary-type travelogue of the experience (which will be featured in the Mail on Sunday Travel Section this coming Sunday), so once that has occurred I will post the body of the travelogue as a blog.
So I wait, somewhat anticipatorily, for the results of my 'Richard & Judy verdict'!!
We'll speak when it's over, eh?
Until then, take care, and best wishes.


mat_odon1 said...

Hi Rog,

As usual I am up in the middle of the night and on the computer with the TV in the background.

I heard your book mentioned and have just finished wacthing the show. Todd had told me that you made the R&J list which was fantastic news, but the response! Almost accross the board rave reviews from all involved in the programme! Awesome! I am so pleased that you are living your dream. I still vaguely remember the first time that you told me that you were writing in your spare time (on a Saturday evening back at Constitution Hill). Back then it all seemed impossible, (at least to me). But now here you are just about to mount the crest of a wave.

Enjoy the ride Roger you deserve it!

Best as always,

Matt O'Donoghue

R J Ellory said...

Great to hear from you my friend! My sincere thanks for your best wishes. We shall see one another again soon!

John said...


Best wishes for the book, I just picked up my copy at WH Smith where it was prominently displayed.
Unfortunately I missed the Richard and Judy Show.

Congratulations and as Matt said, Enjoy the ride Roger, and I can not think of anyone else who deserves it.

Best Regards,

John Spencer

R J Ellory said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! As has been said so often, a man is judged by the stature of his friends, and I could not wish for better.

Jennifer said...

Shot in the dark here, but however does one get a copy of your book (A Quiet Belief in Angels) in America?! I just spent the past half hour trying to find a British bookstore that ships to the US! Alas, no luck. So very frustrating!!

mat_odon1 said...

Hi Jennifer,

There are a few Ebay sellers that are stocking the book and will ship worldwide. Also available on Amazon. So there are a few options. Regards, Matt.

R J Ellory said...

Send me an e-mail direct through the 'Contact Me' option on the website home page, and I will arrange to have a book shipped directly to you.
Bets wishes,

Mark said...

I missed the programme as at that point in time I had never heard of the book nor, I must confess, of you as an author, Roger.

However. I bought the book last week - the R&J list sticker did its job - and boy am I glad I did! I absolutely loved it...more than loved it.

It's one of the best books I've ever read. Thank you! :)

R J Ellory said...

Many thanks for your e-mail. Glad to hear you enjoyed the book, and it's really appreciated that you let me know! Stay in touch, eh? And if you read any of the others you'll have to let me know what you think of those.
All the best,