Friday, January 12, 2007


Happy New Year to all of you! Here's hoping that 2007 brings you everything you wish for, and not everything you deserve!
I think we will see some changes this year. I think the tide is turning, and we are all becoming a little tired of the hostilities and inhumanities that are witnessed each day. Bush must go, as must Blair, and perhaps - who the hell knows? - we might get someone in a position of influence or power who has more going on that vested interest, ulterior motives, the acquisition of wealth and an irrational complusion to control everything around them!
This is not a monologue on my politicial views, and - in light of what passes for politics these days - I don't consider there are any political views worth supporting or ascribing to. Common sense. Personal integrity. The pride one feels in doing something selfless and compassionate. Patience to understand others. The ability to make decisions, stick by them, overcome obstacles, make as much difference for good as one can. These things count for something. They certainly used to, and I believe they will again. A population can be overwhelmed and oppressed only so long, and then they will turn...
Anyway, on to lighter things. We haven't spoken since Christmas. A few things have happened. As you know 'Patron Saint of Thieves' was deemed to be unsuitable as the book to follow 'A Quiet Belief In Angels' (which, as we speak, is with Robyn Karney, my copy editor), and so I set to work on Book Number 6, as yet untitled (in an earlier post I suggested it might be called The Night Skater, but right now, with the material well in hand and in excess of 60,000 words already done, the title that appeals to me is 'A Sacred Monster'...the pertinence and applicability of which makes sense in light of the material), and so I plough on with this, interspersing my work with re-watching pretty much everything directed by Alfred Hitchcock or 'costumed' by Edith Head! Have recently seen Vertigo, Rear Window, Topaz, Strangers On A Train (scripted by Raymond Chandler...what more could you want?)...and have also seen Charade with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. These are the things I watch in the few brief moments that I manage to find in amongst everything going on.
Received a Public Lending Rights statement the other day (PLR actually tracks how many 'withdrawals' of an author's books are made from the collective libraries in the UK over a given year). Last year 17,962 withdrawals were made of Ellory books, excluding City Of Lies because that came out after the cut off deadline for registration for 2006. That's 1500 or so times a month, and if you calculate an eight hour day, five days a week, it means that someone somewhere is taking out one of my novels every seven minutes....!
Don't know about you, but that's seems an awful lot of reading going on! My thanks for your interest, for your willingness to give Ellory a go, and I hope you continue to read my work as we grow older together!
So, enough for now. I will make an effort to post more items in the coming year. I am looking forward to the paperback release of City of Lies in July, and then the hardback release of A Quiet Belief In Angels in August.
I think it will be an interesting year. We shall see, eh?
Take care. Be well. Speak soon.


Craz0 said...

ok so I just noticed I hhad a comment from, ddumping, and I thought maybe they were a fellow blogger (I don't know maybe I am a newb) but the URL was unfound and blah blah so on and so on, So i am wondering, who is ddumping? WHo?!

R J Ellory said...

No idea my friend! Mysterious blogger...perhaps the inception of some master plan to achieve world domination by replying to everyone's blogs!